Pike lures, Musky lures, jerkbaits, soft plastic lures - Neon Baits

I have received huge amount of orders, so unfortunately I can't take more orders for this spring and this also means that the order form it's not active at the moment.
All the colors in the color chart are sold at wishing shops all over Finland in 2016.
All the jerks which are made in 2016 are sold directly, orders will not be accepted.

Neon Baits manufactures lures intended for pike, pike perch (walleye) and perch fishing.

The latest addition for 2015 is pikeshad (soft plastic), which is an excellent option alongside jerkbaits. Length 22cm (approx 9 inches) & weight 100gr. "Pikeshad lures"  are prepared by handmolds, to be poured with colored plastisol. They can also be painted to customer specification. For example any color, pattern or company name.

Jerkbaits, there are two different sizes, they are hand-made and always constructed of wood:
King Rat = Big size, side to side sliding with a tail. Length 30cm. (with tail) and weight about 115gr. Slow sinking.
Little Cat = Small size, includes the tail. Swimming is rolling and rocking, with a "jerking style" it does zig zag moves. Very easy to fish! Lenght varies according to the length of the tail 15-25cm. and weight about 70gr. Slow sinking.
Sets are ready for spring and autumn. Lures will be completed in only a small amount per sets. 

Read more about our lures and place your order today. We supply lures for pike fishing in Finland and world-wide. Our pike, perch and walleye lures are only sold directly from us in Finland. Read more about order and delivery conditions.